Lesson 9: Cain and Abel

  • Adam and Eve's Children
  • The Significance of Blood Sacrifices
  • The First Murder
  • God's Mercy to Sinners
  • The Preservation of the Messianic Lineage


Adam and Eve were now beginning their lives outside the Garden of Eden. Not only had they been cast out from the Garden, they had been separated from God Himself. These two were the only ones to ever enjoy physical, direct access to God's presence on the earth. Their children would not know this privilege, and would suffer from the same separation as Adam and Eve, even though they did not commit the initial sin against God.

What began with a seemingly simple act of disobedience in the Garden grew into a long, tragic line of evil. Small offenses led to bigger ones.  Jealousy turned to hatred, and hatred eventually led to murder. The consequences of sin always extend far beyond the original transgression.

In order to deal with man's sin, God introduced the blood sacrifice. God intended that this practice be a reminder to men that one day, the Promised Deliverer would come and shed His own blood as a final atonement for sin. Finally, God began the careful preservation of a lineage from which this Promised Deliverer would come.