Lesson 5: Creation, Part 2

  • God Creates the Sun, Moon and Stars
  • God Creates Sea Life and Birds
  • God Creates Land Animals
  • God Creates Man
  • Christ the Creator
  • God Rests


One of the most striking characteristics of God is His supernatural power. He is truly a miracle-worker. God heals blind people with less effort than we must exert to flip a light switch. When considering the impressive list of divine miracles recorded in Scripture, one cannot help but marvel at this awesome Being whose power knows no bounds. He has caused lame men to leap, given sight to eyes that never saw, healed the most severe diseases and even raised the dead. But His power stretches far beyond the realm of the human body. He has caused iron to float, created a dry path through the middle of the sea, and stopped the very circuit of the sun. Winds and waves respond to His word, wild beasts obey Him, and whole armies are rendered powerless by just one of His mighty angels. Our God is truly awe-inspiring.

Yet all these wonders pale in comparison to the record of creation. It is amazing that God can repair blind eyes, but it is more amazing still to consider that He designed and formed ALL eyes. It is fantastic that God can part the waters of the Red Sea, but it is more fantastic still that He created water itself and the laws which govern its motion on our planet. It is astonishing to think that God actually stopped the sun in the sky, but it is more astonishing still that He formed in a single day the sun, the planets, our entire solar system, and the galaxies surrounding us.

God is not only powerful; God is good. He is a mighty king, but He is also a loving father. He did not set out to create a race of slaves, but a family. History overflows with tragic accounts of nations oppressed by the tyranny of men. But God never seeks to oppress, only to bless His creation. Over and over in the first chapter of Genesis, we find the phrase, "…and God saw that it was good." As we begin our journey through the final days of creation, remember that nature itself is good because God is good. In Psalm 34:8, David confirms what the entire universe proclaims: "O taste and see that the LORD is good: Blessed is the man that trusteth in him."