Lesson 18: Joseph, Part 1

  • Joseph the Dreamer
  • Joseph is Sold into Slavery
  • Tamar: Ancestor of the Messiah
  • Joseph's Rise to Power
  • The Great Famine
  • Joseph: A Forerunner of Christ


The life of Joseph stands out as a beacon of virtue in the midst of a sinful people. Born into a family ravaged by deceit and violence, Joseph somehow acquired the fear of God early in his youth. He learned to walk in righteousness one step at a time, faithfully obeying the unseen God who led him. Even in the face of cruel animosity, betrayal, slavery, and imprisonment, Joseph never ceased to believe his Creator. He laid aside the urge to know why he was suffering, committing his energies instead to honor God in whatever situation he found himself. Few men in Scripture have demonstrated the level of integrity seen in the life of this young man. No wonder God chose him for such a vital mission: the preservation of the Messianic line.